Mark Lythgoe

“This is a self help book that anyone can gain benefit from, no matter how enlightened you think you are or how spiritually developed you think you are!
To write a book like this, you have to have been there yourself, where you get so low you can’t see any way out of it but at some stage there is the conscious decision to change this state, and that ultimately the responsibility lies with you to create a different life full of appreciation and joy for being alive! Nita is such a person! She reached that low point and stayed there for years, until she decided this was not the life she wanted or how she wanted to be or feel.
This wonderful, simple, easy to read book is the result, as the techniques described and explained were those she used to turn her life around. I read this book and initially thought I already knew all this and had heard all these techniques and methods before over the years, considering myself fairly conscious and enlightened! As I continued to read and looked at the examples of negative thinking and emotions, etc, I began to realise that actually I could relate to some of them, that maybe we all have a tendency to slip into these ways of thinking and maybe a nudge is what we need!
So whether you are a generally aware, conscious and happy being, or experiencing the despair of stress and unhappiness like Nita did, this book will be invaluable, either to dip into as a reminder, or as a complete programme to get you back on your feet and feeling able to rejoin and enjoy a happy fulfilling life!”