De-stress, Relax and Uplift Audio

The unique music for the relaxing/uplifting audio, has been composed and played by World Music Musician Lorna Reay It’s been composed with special healing tones and sounds.

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“Happy New Year Nita! Just wanted to let you know I have listened to your relaxation audio and I loved it! The first couple of times were at night and I couldn’t stay awake past 5 minutes but have now listened to it all the way through. I felt uplifted and positive afterwards. Importantly, for me, your voice and background music were soothing rather than irritating like so many others I have listened to. The length is good too, gives one a chance to really relax. Am looking forward to listening to it again and again! You don’t know how many times I’ve been on i-tunes listening to relaxation tapes trying to find one that would work for me. Some I’ve tried are too wacky and weird, but yours is perfect and free! Thank you.”


“Wonderful, beautiful, relaxing audio, am totally in the zone!”


Wonderfully soothing and indeed so relaxing I fell asleep. I’m quite sure a number of people would benefit from listening to this audio.”

Dr Suzanne Beaumont - UK

“It’s the first time I’ve ever felt relaxed!” – Thank you BC


“I found the audio very interesting indeed. I was very relaxed”

Chloe Green

“The audio is excellent”


“Thank you for the download sent 11 Feb – it is very calming and nurturing – best listened to somewhere quiet and peaceful! I listen last thing at night when I am last to go to bed – very helpful. Grateful thanks.”


“It’s lovely!!”


“Your audio is simply fantastic. I am truly and eternally grateful”


“I have tried many relaxation audio’s that rarely deliver on their promises. This took me through different stages of relaxation in a way that others haven’t been able to.”

BH - Hampshire, UK

“I just listened to your meditation – it’s wonderful Nita ~ Thank you”