Eastleigh Wellbeing Centre welcomes Nita Saini

On Saturday 8 June, Eastleigh Wellbeing Centre welcomed Nita Saini to talk to our users of both the Eastleigh and Winchester Wellbeing Centres about ‘The Secrets to an Upbeat and Happy Life’. The workshop aimed to help individuals develop simple techniques that could be used in everyday life to overcome stress and anxiety.

Nita, who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in her thirties, spoke about her life experiences and her recovery. Her personal journey empowered Nita to write her book ‘Moving on Up’ and share the techniques that helped her with people that find themselves feeling as she did several years ago. The workshop outlined 5 simple tools that could be used to improve mental wellbeing, discussing how they could specifically make individuals feel happier. By the end of the session, those who attended were able to identify parts of their life that could both bring down mood but could as easily lift moods and spirits, and had learnt simple deep relaxation techniques encouraging a calm state of mind.

‘I was absolutely delighted to be invited to present at Solent Mind’s Eastleigh Wellbeing Centre’ said Nita, ‘I myself suffered terribly with emotions of low self esteem, anxiety and depression. On recovering, it became my passion to share the tools that had worked in my own recovery with others.

It truly made my day seeing everyone happy and smiling and to hear about how much all the lovely people had enjoyed and benefited from the workshop. I can see you are all so passionate about your work!’

Our service users found the session interesting and professional, with several able to relate their own experiences and feelings to Nita’s situation several years ago. Of particular interest was the relaxation session at the end of the workshop, giving them not only the tools to feel relaxed but allowing them to reflect upon the workshops learning aims.

‘I found today’s talk really beneficial and was able to relate this to my recent illness two years ago. I also feel I am able to understand how I am feeling and deal with different situations in my life’ said one attendee.

Our Wellbeing Centres at Eastleigh and Winchester promote positive mental wellbeing and offer individuals techniques and tools to aid with recovery. For more information on our Wellbeing Centres, click here.

Nita Saini’s book, ‘Moving on Up’ along with more information on her personal journey is available on her website. Here you can sign up to receive regular e-newsletters from Nita on techniques to lift your mood and positive mental wellbeing and download a free audio on relaxation techniques. Nita will be developing more sessions for the Centres at Eastleigh and Winchester, information about these will be available from the Centres.

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