Beat Anxiety: How to make your worries fade away

Nita Saini helps us tackle worrying thoughts
Have you ever found yourself worried or anxious? This is the situation I found myself in earlier this year. That constant mind chatter and the same old thoughts and pictures going through my head. It didn’t make me feel good.

Over the years I have learnt to accept whatever emotion I’m feeling as I now look on emotions as a sign. If the emotion is one that makes me feel good, it is a sign to continue to do more of what makes me feel good. If the emotion makes me feel uncomfortable, I take it as a sign that I need to change something about me or change something about my life. The worry and anxiety made me feel uncomfortable; it had also begun affecting my sleep.

I wanted to do something to change things that would help bring back the good feelings and happiness.

We can all do something to change worry and anxiety into more empowering feelings. There’s a great quote. “If we always do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we’ve always got”. So I knew I needed to Do, Be, and/or Behave differently.

There are a couple of key techniques I use to help worry fade away. If you worry, try these to allow you to let go of worry quickly and easily:

Change it, avoid it or change the way you feel about it

For example, we may be worried about our health. We can use this tried and tested technique to help us resolve the worry:

Change it We can DO things differently to improve our health, e.g. we could decide to take up gentle exercise.
Avoid it We could stop thinking about our health. This will certainly stop us worrying about it, whether it will help us be healthier is another question.
Change the way we feel about it We can look at the worry from another perspective; such as “I may not be as healthy as I was and that doesn’t mean that I can’t and won’t be healthy in the future”.

There is no right or wrong. We have to do whatever fits in with us and our lives at that point in time.

Still Body, Still Mind

An extremely powerful technique I use for a myriad of reasons, including worry is this: The mind are body are so interwoven that whatever we do with our bodies will impact on our mind and vice versa. Here’s an example,

Have you ever been excited about something? Perhaps excited about going on holiday, or going on a date or going for an interview? How did being excited make you feel? Some people might get butterflies in their tummy or their bodies may respond in some other way.

The excitement, generated in our mind, causes the butterflies. So our mind can affect us physically.

Similarly, our bodies can affect our mind. For example: For some people, if they are stressed, they might go running. This helps their mind to feel more calm and relaxed.

1. Lie down somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable. You may want a pillow to support your neck and a cushion under your knees to support your back. To keep yourself warm you may want to cover yourself with a light blanket. Lie down so that your body is in a straight line and your arms are by your side. If there is an emergency of course, feel free to get up, otherwise remain lying down and relaxed for the length of the audio.

2. Play and listen to the audio. Listen to each word. You may find yourself drifting off to sleep and that’s OK.

3. While listening to the audio, keep the body completely still in the position described above. When I first started doing this, I had great difficulty in keeping my body still. I would get an itch, or my body would twitch, so I really struggled. However, within days, through practice, keeping still in this situation, became the norm. And what was even better was that the worry dissipated and my mind was once again calm, relaxed and peaceful. It is well worth persevering with.

Once you enjoy the benefits you may even find it becomes part of your daily routine.

Here’s to a worry free life for us all, filled with trust and all wonderful things.

All My Love

Nita x

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