I would never have believed that spilling a tub of yogurt on a clean kitchen floor all those years ago would have changed my life so dramatically. But it did.

At the time I was overweight. Being of very small build, a size 16 wasn’t flattering at all. I couldn’t stop myself eating those packets of biscuits night after night whilst no-one was looking…

The book ‘Moving on Up’ was born from my own personal struggles with stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, blame, the need to be perfect, insomnia, struggling with the pace and pressure of modern life, deep depression, amongst many others too!

My burning desire to become happier drove me to break free from the dull, lifeless existence I had been living.
Using the techniques contained in ‘Moving on Up’ I transformed my life and with the full knowledge and support of her GP,  weaned myself off a high dose of prescribed mood enhancing drugs.

Since then, it is these same techniques that have empowered me to overcome struggles of major illness, bringing up two young children and financial problems. Without having these tools and techniques at my fingertips, I truly don’t know how I would have managed.

It became my passion to share these same strategies with others, to empower them. So it became my dream to write a book. A book that was practical, concise, uplifting, simple to understand, and of course that worked! In addition to that, something that was pocket-sized.

The techniques are just as relevant for those on medication or in therapy. In fact, even if you’re not remotely unhappy, reviews have stated that this book will enhance your life.
It’s not been written by a professor or a therapist, It’s been written by someone who experienced this first hand and came out the other side, happy.

It is a holstic approach to emotional health, happiness and mind wellbeing. All succintly written into a 112 page portable pocket- sized book.

In sharing my book with you, I want to say to you, there is hope, don’t ever give up. You already have all the power within you to make positive changes to you and your life,”

All My Love