Nita is an author and mind well-being expert, helping the ‘World to Smile’. She does this through her book ‘Moving on Up! Secrets to an Upbeat and Happy Life’, her free audio and workshops. Her book has over forty reviews, foreword from Barefoot Doctor and the international celebrity Stephen Fry describes it as “Excellent”, it’s also recommended by GP’s. Her concise, easy to follow book is filled with simple and effective techniques to help you become permanently upbeat, and create the life you want.

Nita has a passion for doing what she does because of her own transformational journey from a place of stress, anxiety and deep unhappiness to a place of loving life and living life. She has a deep desire for sharing what works with others.

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Fifteen years ago using the techniques in “Moving on Up! Secrets to an Upbeat and Happy Life” I weaned myself off a high dose of antidepressants. Since then, although life had it’s ups and downs I’ve remained happy.

That was until about seven years ago when I found myself with excessive work and personal pressures.

The stress, anxiety and depressive thoughts I experienced sky rocketed. I’d failed to take care of myself.

I knew I had to take time out. I reminded myself and consistently applied the techniques in “Moving on Up!” and quickly and easily my well being has now dramatically improved.

There appears to be so much strife in the World at the moment. This book has always been about sharing what works with others. My new website allows me to share “Moving on Up” as a FREE download.You won’t even be asked for an email address.

If you, or someone you know, could feel better about themselves, have better relationships, achieve the goals they desire by reading “Moving on Up” please download it and FREELY share it.

I’d be absolutely delighted to hear about how it’s helped you or someone you care about.


Press Reviews

“Your book will help SO many people.”

Lorraine Kelly - UK

“It’s Excellent”

Stephen Fry

“The PERFECT gift to buy anyone when they are feeling low… a GORGEOUS little book”.

Anne Jirsch

Nita Saini, is a brilliant woman, not just because she’s written this exceptional little book, but in the literal sense of shining bright.

She’s been to the depths and come back with this jewel. There are many out there peddling remedies for unhappiness, depression, stress, anxiety or lifes challenges, in all its guises, but most of it’s snake oil and stumbling across the genuine article is rare.

Both this book and it’s author are the genuine article and I’m proud to trumpet it here. I believe you’ll derive enormous benefit from reading it, not just from the marvellously and eloquently presented content but because you’ll actually feel Nita’s wonderful, fresh, pure, exuberant energy being transmitted through the words and even through the spaces between them –  – perhaps especially in the latter, as what you’re getting here is one of those rare offerings touched by the grace of the divine.

And don’t for a moment think that just because it’s small in size, it’s small in stature. This work has more to say in it’s little finger, so to speak, than tomes 18 times longer.
I’m happy you have this book in your hands, happy for the benefits it will bring you, and happy we have the privilege of being on the planet together at this time with such a fine

Barefoot Doctor